I went to see Jerry after suffering for months with auto immune and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms of stiffness in my right hand, wrist, arm, shoulder along with pain in my knees and ankles. He assisted me in transitioning to an entirely plant based diet. He is very non-judgemental and supportive. I thought it was going to be impossibly hard.  Surprisingly, I enjoyed the challenge of approaching shopping and cooking in a different way. It was fun to modify recipes and find new ways of making the dishes I enjoy. After only 2 weeks, I felt an 80% improvement in pain and stiffness. After 3 months, it is 90% better. I no longer need a wrist brace, tylenol or ibuprofen. My cholesterol, lipids and other lab values are all within normal ranges, and better than I have ever seen in my lifetime. I no longer have to work at maintaining my weight, and have not gone hungry for a minute. I eat 3 very tasty meals a day plus snacks.  I don't need any prescription medications. It was definitely worth the time and modest financial investment to get help from a nutrition professional.  

~ Nora Hennecken 
My husband and I had just switched to a plant based diet, using Dr. Esselstyn’s 'Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook' and were thrilled at how much we enjoyed all the recipes. Shortly afterwards we realized we had numerous questions about this new diet, and luckily we came across Jerry’s website while searching for information.

We also discovered the plant based cooking classes at Whole Foods, with Chef Kelley Williamson and Jerry, where we met Jerry and realized that he was the Plant Based Nutritionist we had found online. My husband and I were still hungry on our new diet, and Jerry explained that evening that adding more starch would satisfy our hunger.

Realizing we needed more support for the diet and lifestyle, we met individually with Jerry where he presented us with Personal Nutrition Programs and cookbooks. They are a wealth of information, right at our finger tips and Jerry is always willing to take the time to make suggestions or explain something in more detail. He is an excellent nutrition coach!

The diet really works! It is all about the food! My husband was able to get off both his cholesterol and high blood pressure medication, and my cholesterol dropped significantly, along with weight loss and blood pressure, within a relatively short time period. We cannot imagine ever going back, and feel Jerry’s support to be extremely beneficial. Thank you Jerry!

~ Cynthia D
I have high cholesterol, and after much research I discovered that a plant-based diet could greatly lower cholesterol. It was very overwhelming to figure out how to cook, and eat out on a plant-based diet so I was relieved to find Jerry Casados. I met with him in private sessions, and he helped me understand everything I needed to know! I had so many questions, and Jerry is very patient and relatable because he too had high cholesterol.

I then started cooking classes Jerry offered with his wife Kelley. Kelley is very knowledgeable, and I learned cooking methods and was given really delicious recipes. The services Jerry offered really educated and prepared me to follow/maintain a plant-based diet. I have been following the program for a year, and I know it is the best way to live a healthier lifestyle.
~ Kim Cole
Jerry is amazing, I am a plant-based enthusiast myself, and so was excited to meet Jerry at a networking event. My mom has been advised that she must adopt a plant-based lifestyle to arrest a condition that she has, and Jerry has just been wonderful about meeting with her, and sharing vital golden nuggets of information. If you need to change your lifestyle I know for sure that Jerry at Plant Based Nutrition can and will help you.
~ Liz Gooch
Jerry is very knowledgeable about nutrition. It's his passion! He truly enjoys helping others with amending their diets to try to assist them to get healthy.
~ Sumie Yokota
Jerry is a phenomenal plant based nutritionist who focuses on the client's whole health, which is different than other nutritionists I have worked with in the past. He is detail oriented and really spends the time with you to understand your lifestyle challenges. He then spends the appropriate sessions with you to design a program that will meet your needs and at the same time make it feel easy to manage. I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone especially if you want to achieve a lifestyle of whole health.
~ Kelley Williamson
Jerry Casados has been amazing to work with. He is understanding and patient as I slowly switch to a plant-based diet. He has made the entire process easy with his tasty recipes and helpful hints. I feel better and have more energy. I would recommend his services and will be sending my friends and family members to him in the future. Thank you Jerry, for your dedication to my health.
~ C.T. Horvath, author, Chloe and the Lighthouse